Easy Engine Transplants for Sachs Madass Owners!!
We are the exclusive supplier for DIRECT BOLT-IN Sachs madass engine kits!
No more splicing wires, Adding relays, Dead batteries, or any other of the other electrical nightmares  associated with upgrading the engine in your Sachs Madass.
We have taken all the guesswork out of the wiring by shipping our Sachs engine kits with 3 phase stators compatible with the original harness, Engines have oversized engine mounts (no more maching required) to fit directly into the madass, and more Madass Specific features!

Check out our new line of Engine packages to turn you Mini Bike, Pitbike, Mini ATV, or Madass into the ultimate play or race bike.

   We have recently released a new line of engines specifically tailored to the Sachs Madass. Fast Trails has spent months developing Madass specific engine packages that make replacing your 50cc automatic a breeze.   All madass engines are built with the correct motor mounts and stators so you finally have a bolt in/ plug in engine upgrade available! No more splicing wires, adding relays or charging your battery every day!! The complete kits ship with all parts and accessories to complete your conversion.   With the extreme Madass 150cc kit your Madass will be an absolute joy to ride with the possibility of reliable top speeds over 65 MPH (100Km/hr).   Top Speeds of 100mph (160Km/hr) are obtainable with our Sachs Madass optional Rear Sprocket.

   Also check out Madass suspension upgrades, gearing options, chains, carbs, Oil cooler kits and more.

  Our line of replacement and performance parts for Pitbikes and Mini ATV’s continues to grow. Check out our Lifan 125-150cc Engines, YX/FTP 140,150 and 160cc Kits. Big bore kits for Lifan, YX/FTP, and Honda Engines.

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